JWOF Empowers Underprivileged Communities Through Healthcare and Education Initiatives – Times of India


PUNE: The Just World Order Federation (JWOF) recently initiated several initiatives to support underprivileged individuals in cities, aiming to foster positive community change. During a recent city news conference, federation officials announced plans to bolster healthcare and education for these communities by identifying beneficiaries and offering tailored support.
Dr. Ahmed Haque, JWOF’s Founder and President, renowned for his expertise in international relations, emphasized the significance of transitioning towards a peaceful society. “The world’s future will significantly improve with a shift towards peace,” stated Dr. Haque. He highlighted the federation’s steadfast dedication to initiatives benefiting the underprivileged, aimed at creating a better world for future generations.
Dr. Haque’s commitment extends to enhancing healthcare and education, particularly in rural areas. His emphasis on conflict resolution, peace-building, and empowering women and children underscores his dedication to positive societal transformation.
“Our primary focus is on fostering improved understanding, human rights, and women’s empowerment,” expressed Dr. Haque. He emphasized the importance of interfaith dialogue, highlighting peace as crucial for a safe and prosperous life for all.
Dr. Haque’s vision encompasses the restoration of human and women’s rights, with initiatives ranging from supporting orphans and minorities to providing education and healthcare for the disadvantaged.


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